Not another one…

You’re probably thinking: oh great, another mom on lock down who thinks she’s interesting enough to start a blog. But that’s not really what this is. Okay, that’s exactly what this is. Well, kind of. I really don’t think I’m all that interesting, but my friends are, so hopefully you’ll find them slightly entertaining.

I am a Southern California transplant living in Upstate New York. “What the hell are you doing here!?” Yeah, I get that a lot. My dumbass married for love and followed that love back to his hometown. We have been married for almost eleven years and have an amazing seven-year-old son. We also have two cats, a dog, and seventy-year-old man. It makes life…interesting.

I currently work as a bank manager. I am in quarantine due to my high risk factor of asthma. I’ll admit, as the amount of time mandated social distancing continues to increase, I’m beginning to worry about how long my job will pay for me to be an unproductive employee. If people don’t learn to stay the f@ck at home, they might end up putting me on some kind of leave. So yeah, that might be an interesting journey to follow here.

So why do I want to blog? Well, I have had a blog off and on over the years. I have a hard time with consistency due to my ADHD and the wavering demands of work and family. I’m hoping by teaming up with two other fantastic women that they will hold me accountable. (Feel free to slap me ladies.) I also want to be an author when I grow up. I used to do a lot of writing, but haven’t really had the brain power for it since my son was born. I’m hoping that doing this will re-energize my love for writing.

Feel free to follow along with my journey. Or don’t. Either way, I hope to keep writing!

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